The Cleanest SOX – 25% Cheaper!

SOX10 (M) [BC34] from Biocare Medical is an exclusive IVD mouse monoclonal antibody that provides a highly specific and sensitive antibody for immunohistochemistry and is virtually background free. We are offering a 25% discount off the full list price of the below Biocare Medical SOX10 products from 20 August to 20 September 2020:

0.1ml  SOX10 (M) Concentrate – ACI3099A

1ml    SOX10 (M) Concentrate – ACI3099C

6ml    SOX10 (M) Predilute – API3099AA

25ml  SOX10 (M) Predilute – API3099H

6ml    SOX10 (M) Predilute – Ventana – AVI3099G

25ml  SOX10 (M) Predilute – Ventana – AVI3099H

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Offer available on orders placed from 20 AUGUST to 20 SEPTEMBER 2020.
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