Slide Drying Oven

Desert chamber PRO

This innovative oven from Biocare Medical is extremely efficient and is specifically designed for rapid drying of slides. The combination of a small footprint, turbo fan, 365-watt element, digital timer and a digital temperature process controller makes this oven unique compared to conventional drying ovens. The digital temperature process controller automatically calibrates for the amount of mass and volume placed inside the oven, keeping the inside temperature constant. The Desert Chamber Pro has a slide capacity of over 750 slides and operates within a temperature range of 25º to 100ºC.

Use pre-configured time/temperature programs or create your own. The turbo-action drying oven is extremely efficient for bulk drying, especially with today’s aggressive HIER methods for immunohistochemistry. The turbo fan quickly removes excess moisture between the tissue and glass slide. The Desert Chamber Pro can be programmed with variable segments, times, temperatures and buzzers. Fast and efficient slide drying methods are especially useful for immunohistochemistry, H&E, special stains and in situ hybridisation.

Slide Drying Oven, Desert Chamber Pro, MetaGene Pty Ltd




• Digital temperature process controller
• User-defined programmable multi-step protocols
• Temperature range from 25º to 100ºC
• Heats to 60º C in 10 minutes
• Compact dimensions
• 750-slide capacity
• Buzzer alert when drying program is complete
• Five preset programs for most standard drying protocols
• Five available memory slots for user-defined protocols (request at time of order)

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