Gravimetric Dilutor

Metagene Pty Ltd, Gravimetric Dilutor

DiluFlow® Elite automatically dilutes in seconds a solid sample with the appropriate weight of diluent with full traceability. Programmable and connectable with up to 6 diluents, it offers you the best solution for your dilutions!

In compliance with ISO 7218, ISO 6887-1



• Ultra low profile: Only 30cm – perfect for a laminar flow
• GeckoGrip System (Patented): holds the bag in all conditions
• Up to 6 pumps with 4 connectable pumps
• Light Code: intuitive indicator of the status
• Removable DripTray (Patented)
• Multi-dispensing mode (Patented) with handy gun



• World’s fastest: only 8s* to dispense 225mL
• Distribution and weighing functions in 1
• Superior quality Watson Marlow pumps



• Robotic arm: drop the sample safely and easily
• Removable DripTray (Patented)
• Magnetic BagOpen® (Patented shape)



• 32 editable programs
• Bidirectional connectivity
• Full traceability: printer, Excel, CSV and LIMS



• In compliance with ISO 7218 and ISO 6887-1 standards
• Made in France: ISO 9001 2008 standards



• DiluFlow® Elite single pump, 5kg (ref. 503 105)
• DiluFlow® Elite double pump, 5kg (ref. 503 205)


*Dilution time for a 25g sample diluted at 1/10 with booster kit in fast mode.
Technical specifications of the model.
See table opposite for the comparison with other models of the range.

* with booster kit in standard or accurate mode ** with booster kit in fast mode

DiluFlow® Elite is delivered with 1 or 2 pumps, 1 DripTray 400, 1 protection plate for nozzles, 1 dispensing assembly (GL45 – Ø 6,4mm) per pump, USB key, power cord, 1 BagOpen® 400 for dilutors, user’s manual, quick user guide, 10 GeckoGrip, free sample bags.

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DiluFlow® Elite 5kg
Single Pump | Double Pump
Reference 503 105 | 503 205
BagOpen® height less than 30cm
Patented removable DripTray
BagOpen® with GeckoGrip
Magnetic stand for BagOpen® (patented shape)
LightCode: colour status LED
Compatible with Booster kit
304L stainless steel body
Stainless casting electromechanical core
Robotic arm
Compatible with Jumbo kit
Protection for tubing nozzle
Up to 6 pumps
Patented Multi-Dispensing mode
32 editable programs
Bidirectional connectivity
Resolution up to 200g 0.01g
Weighing range 5000g
Weighing accuracy 0g to 100g: ± 0.05g / 100g to 5000g: ± 0,1%
Dilution factor 2 to 1000, editable fractions
Dilution accuracy >99%*
Dilution time for a 25g sample diluted at 1/10 < 8s**
Dilution time for a 375g sample diluted at 1/10 < 75s**
Distribution time for 90mL < 6s**
Distribution time for 225mL < 9s**
Max number of pumps 2 integrated + 4 external
Dilution / Distribution mode Fast / Standard / Accurate
Traceability Printer / Export to Excel™ / CSV file export on USB stick / LIMS
Exported data Sample weight / Total weight / Dilution factor / Dilution accuracy / Diluent / Sample number / Diluent batch number / Date / Time / Last calibration date / Name of operator / Name of program
Connection 2 USB outputs (type A) to connect printer, keyboard, bar-code reader, USB stick / 1 USB output (type B) to connect a computer / Jack output to connect a foot pedal / Handy gun / Ethernet connection for LIMS
Weight 13kg | 15.5kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 31 x 41.5 x 37.5cm | 37 x 41.5 x 37.5cm
Lanuage English, French
Patents GeckoGrip system, Removable Driptray, Muti-Dispensing, Magnetic BagOpen® (patented shape)
In compliance with ISO 7218 - ISO 6887-1 - FDA BAM (Bacteriological Analytical Manual)
Manufacture Made in France ISO 9001 2008
Power 100-240V 50/60Hz
All stainless steel
Warranty 1 year
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