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New Generation for Great Lab Comfort

BagMixer® 400 SW is the new generation of lab blenders. It’s silent, easy-to-use and features a new design. With great new features, along with the silent blending, it is adapted to all kinds of applications and with a guarantee of optimal bacterial extraction, it is a great tool for lab analyses avoiding all risks of cross-contamination.


• Less than 48 db
• Enjoy a conversation or phone call during blending
• Double layer polycarbonate window
• Noise cancelling casing
• Great stability with Paulstra anti-vibration feet


• Optimal bacterial extraction
• Only 60 seconds to homogenise a sample
• Adjustable blending power: adapted to any kind of sample (Patented)


• Total Access System: total opening of the door for full access of the chamber (Patented)
• Side-by-side paddle stop
• LiquidSensor: immediate stop in case of liquid leak (Patented)
• Exclusive Click & Clean® removable paddles (Patented)
• Integrated security drip tray
• Non-marking Paulstra feet
• All stainless steel


• Multifunctional screen: easy control
• LightCode System: indicates the blending process stage (Patented)
• LED lighting: lights up the inside of the blender
• Side-by-side paddle stop: easy insertion of the bag
• Q-Tight® closing: no more leaks upwards from the top

Technical specifications of the model.
See table opposite for the comparison with other models of the range.

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BagMixer® 400 SW
Reference 025 100
Adjustable blending power
Side-by-side paddle stop
Click & Clean® System: removable paddles
304 L Stainless steel body
Integrated security stainless steel drip tray
180 Watts brushless motor
Multifunction digital screen
4 adjustable speeds
TotalAccess System: door opens flat
LightCode: color status LED
White polycarbonate blending chamber
White LED light in blending chamber
Double layer window door
LiquidSensor: detects leaking bags
Sound level with 250 mL water + 22g cheese
Door weight 900g
Blending time From 1s to 59 mn, ∞
Blending speed 4, 6, 8, 10 strokes/s
Dimensions (w x d x h) 29 x 45 x 37cm
Weight 26kg
Power 100-240 V 50-60Hz
Capacity 50-400mL
3 year guarantee (after registration)
Lifetime guarantee on window
Lifetime guarantee on shock absorbers
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