MetaGene Pty Ltd, Pathology, Histology, Cancer Research, MetaGene, Interscience
MetaGene Pty Ltd, Pathology, Histology, Cancer Research, MetaGene, Interscience

Blender Bags

Blender bags for microbiology are used for the homogenising and analysis of any solid sample, and especially adapted for food, medical, veterinary and environmental samples.

Filter bags are preferred because the filtration of the sample is made during the blending, therefore instant and sterile.


DiluFlow® Elite, DiluFlow® Pro and DiluFlow® are high-tech gravimetric dilutors. They automatically dilute a solid sample with the appropriate mass of diluent. All the dilution and distribution protocols used in labs are available. Discover the new patents and innovations for great lab work!

In compliance with ISO 7218 and ISO 6887-1.

Bag Mixers

BagMixer® lab blenders guarantee the best preparation before microbiological analysis for all samples from 10g to 400g and enable optimal bacterial extraction in 30 to 60 seconds. World best-sellers with more than 14,000 units working in labs, BagMixer® is the icon of INTERSCIENCE, the only company to manufacture blenders and sterile bags for perfect work comfort. All BagMixer® units enjoy a 3 year guarantee worldwide.


Easy Spiral Dilute

easySpiral® Dilute is an automatic diluter and plater with full traceability. It allows you to do 5 x serial 1/10 dilutions and automatic plating on 1 single Petri dish, with a countable range of 1 to 1012 CFU/mL.

No more hours of dispensing tubes, autoclaving and washing tubes, no more pipette calibration. So much quicker than any other lab routine, it guarantees you increased accuracy and boosts your lab work.


Entirely developed by INTERSCIENCE’s R&D department, Scan® colony counters offer exceptional reliability for high-performing results for colony counting and inhibition reading with full traceability.

High quality products made in France
INTERSCIENCE is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of solutions for quick and safe microbiological analyses in food, agro-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetical, veterinary, medical, clinical, environmental and chemical analyses. Their products are used for collecting and testing any solid sample and get bacterial results with full traceability.

Leadership in R&D for innovation
Their R&D center is the heart of INTERSCIENCE with more than a 3rd of their team dedicated to making the best products on the market with innovation that matters to their clients in labs.

Family business values
The company is run by Emmanuel and Jules Jalenques, of engineering and management background and was founded in 1979 by their father François Jalenques, physicist. INTERSCIENCE has its international headquarters in France, direct sales capacities worldwide and sales offices in USA (Boston, MA), China (Shanghai) and Singapore.

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