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FISH probes are commonly made from BAC clones. Empire Genomics provides access to over one million BAC clones from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute genomic libraries, which are available for purchase as custom-labeled FISH probes. Empire Genomics can provide custom designed FISH probes and also offers a number of premade gene specific probes. Control probes are available as well.

MetaGene Pty Ltd, Pathology, Histology, Cancer Research, MetaGene, Empire Genomics

Empire Genomics specialises in custom development of FISH probes based on customer specifications. Our custom FISH solutions extend beyond single gene, single region analysis. Their FISH probe panels utilise multiple probes that are each labeled with a unique fluorophore. This allows for the simultaneous identification of several possible anomalies in a single sample.

Empire Genomics will work with you to design custom FISH probe panel(s) for simultaneous coverage of larger regions of interest, which may require the design a probe panel for full coverage of specific diseases. All Empire Genomics FISH probes are directly labeled using standard Nick Translation protocols and are provided with hybridisation buffer solution.

MetaGene Pty Ltd, Pathology, Histology, Cancer Research, MetaGene, Empire Genomics

Empire Genomics manufactures locus-specific probes that are ideal for the rapid identification of a range of chromosomal aberrations across the genome. Specific to regions of interest in oncology and constitutional syndromes, their catalogue probes are designed for the purpose of detecting and defining various rearrangements, deletions and trisomies frequently observed in these areas.

MetaGene Pty Ltd, Pathology, Histology, Cancer Research, MetaGene, Empire Genomics

Standard controls are typically utilised in cytogenetic laboratory testing, including FISH studies. For metaphase FISH, it is recommended that FISH tests include control probes to tag the chromosome(s) of interest.

Such probes afford a limited level of quality control by providing an internal control of hybridisation efficiency. The target sequence on a normal chromosome serves as the best control of technical variables. If a probe is used that does not have an inherent chromosome control signal (ie. an X or Y chromosome probe analysis in a male with clonal loss of the Y chromosome), another sample that is known to have the probe target (a normal 46, XY male for this example) should be run in parallel with the patient sample.

Empire Genomics was created in 2006 from research started at the prestigious Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York. The laboratory has a strong track record in the development of high throughput technologies to enable genome-wide analyses aimed at determining the underlying mechanisms for diseases. Having played a fundamental role in the Human Genome Project and created the foundational Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes which served as the basis for sequencing the genome, Empire Genomics developed significant expertise in genomic research. It is from this strong experiential base that they bring their capabilities, tools and techniques to support the research, clinical and drug discovery global community.

Realising the possibility of where genomics tools will take medicine is not difficult to see, however for this potential to become reality, it will take genomic solutions which are robust and permit the high resolution detection of genomic aberrations and their corresponding correlations to underlying phenotypes. Traditionally, the field has been plagued with immature technological tools with too much inconsistency, no customisation and uncontrollable variability. Empire Genomics is excited to bring its expertise to bear on these challenges.

Empire Genomics is committed to working with the scientific community to bring the best in genomic technologies to bear on the complex systems biology questions that they collectively seek to answer. They will continually work to remove costly variation, inconsistency and the lack of reproducibility that has prevented the field from rapidly moving forward with discoveries.

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