MetaGenes Technical Specialist Talks Immunohistochemistry 101

With increasing requests from clients for suppliers to offer educational content within research institutes, Melissa, MetaGene’s Technical Specialist, delivered training on Biocare’s 2012 NxGen Decloaking Chamber in the core histology laboratory of the Westmead Institute for Medical Research in mid-July. The training outlining safety and standardization in usage and how these factors can help your results was attended by 25 researchers. The discussions included “why Decloaking Chambers are now made to reach a maximum of 110 C degrees”. Previous models in 2002 and 2008 achieved higher temperatures with resulting higher pressures in the chamber. However,  the current model 2012 NxGen has a differing temperature range and incorporates a keypad settings control. This new version reinforces the standardization in usage and guarantees consistent results. MetaGene issued training certificates to all attendees satisfying institute training requirements.

The training was followed by a 30 minute talk on the basics of IHC, its history and what MetaGene can do to help the researcher.

The objective of the talk was to discuss the why’s. Why do we block? Why choose polymers over Biotin? Many questions were answered as the talk surrounded test species, proteins in sample and reagents and getting the best balance of specificity and sensitivity. Melissa discussed the different options available through MetaGene with quality reagent suppliers Biocare Medical and Nordic Biosite and for the more obscure, Santa Cruz Biotechnology.

A key component that was highlighted to the attendees was the importance of quality controls, sometimes overlooked in research, and the guarantee to know what has happened with your reaction and how better to optimise with them. Positive and negative controls are widely available through many suppliers, including Horizon Diagnostics, Nordic Biosite , Empire Genomics as well as Biocare Medical.

Further questions from attendees were based around troubleshooting for more complex assays with multiplex staining.  IHC 101 will pave the way for the next line of educational talks at Westmead Institute of Medical Research.

MetaGene was proud to have been invited to WIMR to train, talk and share their knowledge.

To learn more about the Biocare NxGen Decloaker, contact us here.