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Precision Medicine

MetaGene has partnered with GenomeMe Vancouver, to bring Precision Medicine to our customers in Australia.

 “To work with a dynamic and emerging healthcare company like GenomeMe provides the opportunity to accelerate our vision of improving disease detection and better patient treatment pathways in Australia through approved emerging technology for Genetic Testing, Molecular Diagnosis and Molecular Pathology” the CEO of MetaGene announced today.

MetaGene partners with Rare cancers Australia

Richard Holder CEO of MetaGene announced that the company has partnered with Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) to be the charity of choice.


CE, IVD and TGA certified products for quality control, detection, analysis and diagnosis.


Equipment for quick, safe analyses of microbiology samples in a quality control environment.


Quality control equipment, drug development analysis and research biochemicals.


TGA Class III digital pathology system approved for analysis of IHC, FISH and Cytogentic samples.


Fermenters, bioreactors, reactors, gas analysers and CIP/SIP systems based on TFF technologies.


Products from solid sample preparation to its final bacterial enumeration, for food and agro-food.

Dr Eugen Petcu, Immunihistochemistry
Dr Eugen Petcu, Immunihistochemistry
Dr Eugen Petcu, Immunihistochemistry
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