MetaGene attends the National Histology Conference in Hobart
The Histology Group of Victoria invites delegates, presenters and trade representatives to Hobart for the 8th National Histology Conference, and the first upon Tasmanian soil. Delegates will experience a range of workshops and plenary sessions designed to provide continuing professional development in histology, showcase modern equipment and consumables and experience a little of what Hobart and Tasmania has to offer.

Running from Friday the 17th to the 19th of November, MetaGene will be in attendance to showcase the best IHC antibodies and quantitive analysis. For those planning to make an appearance, keep a look out for MetaGene Island, set on a sunny backdrop, where you can pull up a deck chair, have a chat and maybe even a game of frisbee or beach ball! Like the years before, MetaGene plan to bring their A-Game, as well as some actual games that will make your visit to the capital of Tasmania that little bit more enjoyable.


CE, IVD and TGA certified products for quality control, detection, analysis and diagnosis.


High-quality equipment for microbiology, especially designed for quick and safe analyses in quality control.


Quality control equipment, drug development analysis and research biochemicals.


TGA Class III digital pathology system approved for analysis of IHC, FISH and Cytogentic samples.


Fermenters, bioreactors, reactors, gas analysers, CIP/SIP systems and downstream equipment based on the TFF technologies.


Products from solid sample preparation to its final bacterial enumeration, for food and agro-food.

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